Family Chiropractic of Round Rock

I often talk with people about the spine and the importance of taking care of it.  One of the analogies that works best for me is that of braces.  Most people have either had braces or know someone who has.  Braces are typically worn for 18-24 months.  Obviously, they serve a great purpose, but straightening ones teeth rarely will improves ones health.  But I am not debating the need or use of braces.

The point I would like to make is, braces take time.  It is the pressure over time that makes the correction of the mis-aligned teeth.  The biggest problem I run into with patients is they have the misconception that when they get adjusted, the vertebra that was mis-aligned is now completely taken care of.  If that where the case, then couldn't the dentist (Orthodontist) just twist your teeth and "pop" them into place?  Of course not, but that is what most people have been taught to believe about Chiropractic.

The reality is the vertebra that is mis-aligned is out of normal anatomic position, but the adjustment is a specific force applied the help the body restore normal function.  This too takes time.  As discussed in other areas of this website, pain may or may not be present.  If you chose to get adjusted until the pain is gone, that is your choice, but that will not correct the underlying problem.

Like braces, adjustments are a corrective process, that build upon each other.  Similar to going to a gym to work out.  You don't only work out when you are out of shape, then stop.  Otherwise the health benefits will stop.